Detailed SPECTRAN Rev2 measurements at the Aaronia AG Lab


This measurements have been made with a SPECTRAN HF-2025E.

We made the test with our own test equipment using a professional VECTOR Signal-Generator with AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) from Rohde & Schwarz type SMJ100A.

Our generator is equipped with the following Options:


  • Baseband Generator mit ARB (64 Msamples) (Vollausbau) (Option SMJ-B10)
  • 100kHz bis 6GHz Frequenzbereich (Vollausbau) (Option SMJ-B106)
  • Baseband Main Module (Option SMJ-B13)


AND our generator includes ALL K-Options:


  • Digital Standard GSM/EDGE (Option SMJ-K40)
  • Digital Standard 3GPP FDD (Option SMJ-K42)
  • Digital Standard MS/BS Tests incl. HSDPA (Option SMJ-K43)
  • Digital Standard GPS (4 satelliten) (Option SMJ-K44)
  • Digital Standard CDMA2000 incl. 1xEV-DV (Option SMJ-K46)
  • Digital Standard IEEE 802.11 (a/b/g) (Option SMJ-K48)
  • Digital Standard WiMAX (Option SMJ-K49)
  • Multicarrier CW Signal Generation (Option SMJ-K61)
  • Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN) (Option SMJ-K62)
  • BER/BLER Measurement (Option SMJ-K80)
  • etc. etc.


With this generator we could perform a test of ALL standard signals up to 6GHz. We can generate the following digital standards with the SMJ100A::


  • GSM
  • 3GPP
  • CDMA2000
  • WLan (IEEE 802.11)
  • WiMAX (IEEE 802.16)
  • GPS 

The System Settings

Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer Test Kalibrierung

About the setup:


All following measurements use the SAME setting for the SPECTRAN. This offers the best comparison on the different signals. We used the following settings:


  • FLow = 1995
  • FHigh = 2005
  • RBW = 3MHz
  • SpTime = 500mS
  • Pulse = ON


Each measurement was perform in HOLD-Mode to get the signal maximum. Therefore this measurements are more accurate then the measurements with the Keithley 2910, which have been performed without HOLD.


The test signal was generated at 2GHz (Center) with -20dBm.

The signal was fed with a regula SAM cable. We used the original SPACTRAN SMA-Cable and a N-to-SMA adapter for the generator output.

The cable was calibrated within the cable setup of the SPECTRAN.


We performed the test within a view days at the Aaronia LAB2 from 30.3 till 5.4.2006.


Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer  Test Kalibrierung

We used a non modulated test signal to calibrate the SPECTRAN at exactly -20dBm at 2GHz. The SPECTRAn shows the signal with very accurate -20dBm (-20dBm). Please note that the SPECTRAN only offers a full digit dBm display. That's why we also use a notebook with the LCS software. The LCS-Software offers a much higher resolution and offers a 1/100 dBm resolution. The LCS software shows real power with -19,98dBm. Only 0,02dB failure. We can live with that ;-)


Now we have a very accurate calibration to perform our test.

Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer GSM Test Messung

Measurement of GSM (GSM900, GSM1800 and GSM1900)

SPECTRAN shows a perfect GSM-Signal level (-20dBm). The LCS-Software shows -19,59dBm.

Error: 0,41dB.

Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer UMTS Test Messung

Measurement of 3GPP (UMTS)

SPECTRAN shows a perfect 3GPP-Signal (-20dBm). The LCS-Software shows -20,08dBm.

Error: 0,08dB.

Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer WLAN Messung

Measurement of WLAN 802.11b with PBCC & CCK-Modulation

SPECTRAN shows a 3dB to high level of the WLan 802.11b Signal with PBCC Modulation (-17dBm). The LCS-Software shows -17,37dBm.

Error: 2,63dB.