Magnetic Field Antennas

MDF Series

9kHz - 400MHz

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The Aaronia MDF series are broadband magnetic field tracking antennas, suitable for signal tracking and field strength measurements.

Magnetfeld Antennas MDF Serie

The special conversion factor of the MDF, in conjunction with a Power Meter showing dBm values, gives a direct dBA/m display with correct sign (power meter function).

Thanks to the high directionality of the antenna, the MDF is ideally suited for signal direction finding.

Made in Germany
All Aaronia antennas are developed, individually produced and calibrated in Germany at the Aaronia factory. This guarantees highest standard so that Aaronia can offer every customer a full 2 years warranty for all MDF antennas.

Type and Frequency Range Price
MDF 560
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MDF 9400
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Type Frequency Range Datasheet/Price
MDF 560
MDF 9400

  •  Suitable for field-strength and EMC measurements due to high precision
  •  High conversion accuracy allows precise field strength measurements
  •  Compact design
  •  For lab and open-field applications
  •  2 Years Warranty
Examples of use
  •  Pre-Compliance-Tests
  •  13,56MHz RFID
  •  Radio

Scope of delivery

MDF antenna, pistol grip with mini tripod function

MDF® 560MDF® 9400
DesignMagnetic Field Antenna
Frequency Range500kHz - 60MHz9kHz - 400MHz
Max. Input Power5W (can be used as a transmitter)
Nominal impedance50 Ohm
Aantenna Transducer Factor1 (0 dB A/m equals 0dBm)
Operating Temperature-40°C to +60°C
RF-Connector SMA (female)
Dimensions (L/W/D)180 x 180 x 50 mm
Warranty2 Years

SMA to N Adapter
This special high quality adapter allows operation of all HyperLOG®-Antenna with any standard spectrum-analyzer with N connector.
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SMA auf N Adapter
Heavy Pistol Grip with polarization-change-function
This highly stable multi-function pistol grip offers a variety of functions and should not be missing in any professional measurement! Specifically, it is strongly recommended for the use of larger antennas like the HyperLOG 30xxx and 40xx series.
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Schwerer Multifunktions-Pistolengriff
Large Aluminum Tripod
Height adjustable, high stability.  STRONGLY recommended for usage with HyperLOG 30xxx, 40xx and BicoLOG antennas!
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Grosses Alu Stativ
Low Loss SMA Cable
This high-grade SMA cable can be used to connect Aaronia HyperLOG EMC antennas to Aaronia Spectran RF spectrum analysers with very low damping (signal loss). Available in lengths of: 1 Metre | 5 Metres | 10 Metres
+ 29,95€ - 109,95€ Shop
Lowloss SMA Kabel in 0,3m, 1m, 5m und 10m Längen