Magnetic Field Antennas

Magno­TRACKER Series

1Hz - 1MHz

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The Aaronia MagnoTRACKER series is usable for the full frequency range of 1Hz to 9kHz and from 9kHz to 1MHz without any adjustments. Simply connect it via SMA cable to your Receiver, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Power Meter etc. With a built-in 25dB pre-amplifier (optional 35dB) the antenna offers a very high gain.

Magnetfeld Antennas MagnoTRACKER Serie

A lot of customers have problems detecting and pin pointing signals in the low frequency range from 1Hz to 9kHz. They want one antenna with high gain to cover the full frequency range. The antenna should also offer a high directivity to pin point the signal(s). Until today such an antenna simply did not exist. Aaronia now offer world's first patent pending magnetic antenna series "MagnoTRACKER" combining all those features.

Based on a new patented production process Aaronia can produce this new cores with only 10% of the material and weight needed for similar working ferrites. A great advantage for the handling of the MagnoTRACKER antennas. Finding disturbing signals, interferences etc. was never that simple and efficient.

Made in Germany
All Aaronia antennas are developed, individually produced and calibrated in Germany at the Aaronia factory. This guarantees highest standard so that Aaronia can offer every customer a full 2 years warranty for all MagnoTRACKER antennas.

Type and Frequency RangePrice
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DatasheetTypeFrequency RangePrice
MagnoTRACKER ELF-61Hz-9kHz2498,-€Buy now!
MagnoTRACKER LF-69kHz-1MHz2498,-€Buy now!
MagnoTRACKER ELF-21Hz-9kHz1998,-€Buy now!
MagnoTRACKER LF-29kHz-1MHz1998,-€Buy now!

  •  High Directionality
  •  Perfect for magnetic field direction finding
  •  High Gain, internal 25dB pre-amplifier
  •  Patented Functionality
  •  For lab and open-field applications
  •  Adjustable frequency settings
  •  10 Year Warranty
Examples of use
  •  ELF-, SLF-, ULF-Bands
  •  50/60 Hz Line Current
  •  Search for interferences
  •  Marine Radio
  •  and more...

Scope of delivery

MagnoTRACKER antenna, outdoor transport-case, international charging cable

Frequency Range1Hz-9kHz9kHz-1MHz
Internal Preamp25dB25dB
Nominal impedance50 Ohm
RF-Connector SMA-Connector (18GHz) or
N-Connector via Adapter
Dimensions (L/W/D)660 x 320 x 110 mm
Warranty2 Years

SMA to N Adapter
This special high quality adapter allows operation of all HyperLOG®-Antenna with any standard spectrum-analyzer with N connector.
+ 24,95€ Shop
SMA auf N Adapter
Heavy Pistol Grip with polarization-change-function
This highly stable multi-function pistol grip offers a variety of functions and should not be missing in any professional measurement! Specifically, it is strongly recommended for the use of larger antennas like the HyperLOG 30xxx and 40xx series.
+ 249,95€ Shop
Schwerer Multifunktions-Pistolengriff
Magnotracker / PowerLOG Tripod
Heavy tripod for Aaronia Magnotracker antennas and Aaronia PowerLOG Sturdy construction with high stability. Provides a stable handling of any Magnotracker and Power antenna, even versions with extended tube expansion (eg, M8, M10 versions with 10 or more elements). Strongly recommended for optimal use of Magnotracker & PowerLOG antennas.
+ 299,95€ Shop
Schweres Stativ für MagnoTRACKER und PowerLOG Antennas empfohlen
1m, 5m or 10m Low Loss SMA Cable
This high-grade SMA cable can be used to connect Aaronia HyperLOG EMC antennas to Aaronia Spectran RF spectrum analysers with very low damping (signal loss). Available in lengths of:

1 Metre,
5 Metres,
10 Metres.
+ 29,95€ - 109,95€ Shop
Lowloss SMA Kabel in 0,3m, 1m, 5m und 10m Längen