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Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum analyzers starting at 1Hz up to 9,4GHz. Handheld, USB, benchtop, outdoor, remote controled and more. Solutions for almost any application.


One of the world's largest selections of measurement antennas from 1Hz up to 40GHz. Logper, omni, biconical, horn, 3D, near-field probes and much more.


Screening materials and fabrics for high and low frequency, electric and magnetic fields. Shielding factor of different materials up to 110dB.

RTSA-Suite PRO Software

The world's fastest spectrum analysis software with unique performance and features. Specifically developed for the SPECTRAN® V6 series.

Portable RF Command Center

Sweep speed > 4THz/s
980MHz instantaneous bw (complex I/Q)
Includes Vector Signal Generator (up to 490MHz)


V6 Command Center

10MHz - 6GHz


SPECTRAN V6 Command Center

10MHz - 6GHz

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3 days ago

Aaronia AG
Der bekannte "Single-Layout"/"Muli-Layout" Moduswechsel der RTSA-Suite PRO ist jetzt auch für externe Monitore verfügbar. So können die Layouts auf den externen Monitoren, unabhängig vom Hauptmonitor, auf Knopfdruck umgeschaltet werden.Vielen Dank für diese Kundenanregung, welche wir hiermit umgesetzt haben: v6-forum.aaronia.de/forum/topic/layoutmode-switch-on-external-monitors-views/ ... See More >>See Less <<
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